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  Torreys Peak

Elevation:   14,267'
Date:           August 16, 2006
Climbers:    Jody (solo)
Info:            Since my days off at work had changed, I decided to climb this one on a Wednesday. Unfortunately when climbing on Wednesdays there aren't many climbing partners to go with, so this climb is my first solo. I had already been up Grays Peak twice before, but had never made Torreys, so I decided to go back and bag Torreys Peak by myself in as little time as possible. I figured since I was going solo I should be able to get up and down this one pretty quickly. I hit the trailhead at 7:00a - Torreys summit at 9a - back down to the saddle at 9:15a - back at the truck 10:30 & home at 11:30 for lunch with the family. There weren't many other people on the mountain, which may have been why I seen so many mountain goats. I probably seen at least 10 different mountain goats, and 1 of them was a very stubborn goat and even though I walked right up to him, he wouldn't move to let me by. I already had many pictures of Stevens Gulch, so I decided to get some good pictures of Kelso Mountain this time.

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