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  Mt. Sherman 2006

Elevation:   14,036'
Date:           July 8, 2006
Climbers:    Jody, Art, Kelly(13), and Anna(10)
Info:             We met in the Avaya parking lot at 5:30am, the last time we saw dry weather. The Oldman, oops, Artman, resumed his position at the rear of the pack on this climb. As is apparent from the photos, we have added the bad ass young climbers Kellster and Annaster to the team this year (their second climb), they come to us from the Eli side of the family. Needless to say we are all quite proud of them. I expect this would be a very enjoyable hike under normal conditions, however, we had rain and very low clouds throughout the entire day. Visibility was severely limited add to that a cold driving rain, we all agreed this made for a rather nasty climb. We did enjoy pizza at Patti's in Fairplay and of course the usual beer/root beer chasers.

*Special thanks to Art for the Info: section story.*

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