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2005 climbs
Grays Peak
Mt. Bierstadt
Quandary Pk
Mt. Democrat
Mt. Bross
Mt. Cameron
Mt. Lincoln

2006 climbs
Grays Peak
Mt. Sherman
Mt. Massive
Torreys Peak
Mt. Evans
Mt. Elbert

2007 climbs
Missouri Mtn.
Mt. Bierstadt
Redcloud Peak

2008 climbs
Mt. Evans

2009 climbs
Mt. Princeton

2010 climbs
Mt. Antero
Huron Peak

2011 climbs
Pikes Peak
Mt. Evans
Mt. Bierstadt

  Pikes Peak 2011

Elevation:   14,110'
Date:           June 25, 2011
Climbers:    Jody (solo)
Info:             Solo Climb for myself on this one. Decided to go up the Crag's side, which is a little shorter distance-wise (13.5 miles).

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