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  Missouri Mountain

Elevation:   14,067'
Date:           June 25, 2007
Climbers:    Jody, Art, Sharon, Kelly, & Anna
Info:             Missouri Mountain, our first climb of 2007. We added a new climber this year, for now we call her Sharon, one more climb and Iím sure she will ďfallĒ into the perfect nick name. We took the non-standard Cloyses Lake route, to save 4 miles. You know how mountain climbers hate to walk. No problem getting to the trail head at Cloyses Lake. The drive up took us through two rivers and up a pretty rough jeep road, any Subaru drivers reading this should draw the line on this one.

We started up from the trailhead about 8:00am. The climb started with a steep uphill through the trees along a nice little drainage. Eventually you reach a meadow, from here we climbed up the first ridge. From here there is another relatively short but steep climb up a point to Missouri ridge. The trail was easy to follow and well worn, most of the way. Snow covered several sections so we had to detour down and walk the side of the ridge. You get a pretty good understanding why the trail is on top of the ridge when you walk the side, definitely no fall zones.

We all reached the summit at approx 2:00pm, thatís our story anyway. We decided to take an easier way down into the meadow by walking the ridge line to the end. We made a left turn downward and spotted Jodster and Annaster below a pretty steep but short shoot. Naturally we assumed this had been their descent. Long story short we survived that short fall and met up with them to learn the easy way down had been about 30 feet East of our route.

We met the trail down to the truck, the one next to the water drainage, a bit steep, but, manageable, if you stay on the trail, yeah, we didnít. We got back to the truck about 6:00pm, exhausted, but, feeling pretty darn good about cutting 4 miles off the standard route.

*Special thanks to Art for the Info: section story.*

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