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  Grays Peak 2005

Elevation:   14,270'
Date:           June 11, 2005
Climbers:    Jody , Art, and Meat
Info:            One might think starting the season on June 11 would be safe as far as snow fall, however, it had snowed up to 8 inches the night before, depending on altitude. As is obvious from the pictures, we were in snow from the time we left Steven's Gulch and started up the hill. The trail was pretty well packed but, if you stepped out of the tracks you were in hip deep snow. This was Jodster's first climb, note the Jeans, come on dude no more cotton on the mountain. Meat appears to be going strong, however, that is the last time we saw him until we got back to the trailhead. In his defense he was a new arrival from California so the cold, snow and altitude could excuse the missed summit opportunity, just trying to help. Cold and snowy, but all in all it was a good day and I had the opportunity to properly orient the Jodster regarding the importance of being prepared, note the celebratory beers for the summit and, by the way, he has not worn cotton since June 11, 2005.

*Special thanks to Art for the Info: section story*

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