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Grays Peak
Mt. Bierstadt
Quandary Pk
Mt. Democrat
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Grays Peak
Mt. Sherman
Mt. Massive
Torreys Peak
Mt. Evans
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Missouri Mtn.
Mt. Bierstadt
Redcloud Peak

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Mt. Evans

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Mt. Princeton

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Mt. Antero
Huron Peak

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Pikes Peak
Mt. Bierstadt
Mt. Evans

  Mt. Bierstadt

Elevation:   14,060'
Date:           August 12, 2007
Climbers:    Jody & Katie
Info:             This was Katie's first 14'er. We decided to stay in Georgetown the night before and then get an early start the following morning. The weather was awesome, but there was still plenty of snow on the ground, which wasn't too much of a problem on the way up, but on the way down was a whole different story. On the trip up, the snow was frozen and we stayed on top of it the whole way. Coming down, the sun had softened it and postholing through 3' snow fields didn't make the slog back to the truck fun at all.

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