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  Mt. Bierstadt

Elevation:   14,060'
Date:           August 12, 2007
Climbers:    Jody, Kelly, & Anna
Info:             This was a last minute climb that myself and the girls (Kelly & Anna) came up with on the night before. We decided to do a climb, but weren't sure where. Since it was late and I didn't want to get up too early I gave them the option for either Torreys Peak or Mt. Bierstadt, both of which I had already done, but the girls hadn't done either one. These were both within an hour drive, so we could get away with leaving around 6am.

The trip to the Mt. Bierstadt was rather uneventful, but it does appear that they are just about ready to pave Guanella Pass, because for some reason there were concrete curbs all along the dirt road. We got to the trailhead a little before 7am, and after waiting in line to fill out the day pass we got this hike started. We did notice some clouds off to the left of Bierstadt & decided that if they got any worse or started collecting we would turn around. That being the case, I told the girls that I haven't had to turn back yet, and I don't want to, so let's get this done before the storm rolls in! The trip up was rather uneventful, there was lots of traffic on the mountain (which I expected on a Sunday), especially on the way down. We even seen one brave dude, who was climbing with crutches & was doing very well at that. It still amazes me how many people leave later in the morning (9am - even as late as 11am), we were still passing people on the way up when we were almost back to the parking lot. Also, one more thing (The Artman will appreciate this), seen a CFI (Colorado 14ers Initiative) guy at the bottom of the trailhead & he was driving a Subaru (damn Subaru drivers - inside joke!).

The times on this climb I think were something like: 6:50am trailhead start - 9:30am Bierstadt summit. - 11:30am back at the truck. We then stopped at the Red Ram in Georgetown for a good meal before heading back home. I think we got back into town around 2pm.

**As a side note - I didn't get to bring my camera on this climb (dead batteries), so the pics aren't up to the usual Jodster quality**

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