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  Mt. Antero

Elevation:   14,269'
Date:           June 19, 2010
Climbers:    Jody & Anna
Info: Mt. Antero was another early start climb for the Annaster and I. I had been wanting to do Antero for quite a few years now, but for some reason or another had never quite made it. So, this year it was "Get this one out of the way early". The road itself was pretty interesting in itself. The crossing of Baldwin Creek at 4am was fun as was the road past the 4wd drive sign. Glad the Tacoma is lifted, there were a few spots where it was definitely needed. I would estimate the first 75% of the trail is walking up a Jeep trail before the road abruptly stops because of a drop off into the basin below. At which point you start your final ascent up the ridge to the peak. There was still tons of snow just off trail and even some mini-glaciers that were pretty cool to stop and check out. Overall fairly easy climb and got to do a little 4 wheelin as well!

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